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iPhone Repair Store

We strive to help people by providing extraordinary service and expert repairs using only the highest quality parts available.

Our Story

Mobilyf Cell Care was started in 2017 in Vancouver with one store. We are now four locations across Canada whose number one goal is customer satisfaction. We take pride in our work. We believe that a repair is only as good as the quality of the parts used. We stand by every repair that we do and the parts that we use. When you come to Mobilyf with a device issue, we have the technical aptitude and expertise to repair it. We take this responsibility very seriously and never let unqualified people touch your phone.

Our Customers mean everything to us and because of them we strive to continuously grow and improve our processes and techniques to better serve their needs. From Greater Vancouver Area and surrounding areas – we have helped consumers far and wide meet every one of their wants and needs when it comes to mobile devices. Each day our customers continue to tell us how happy they are and well, that makes this job all worth our while. We have helped tens of thousands of people just like you to have their mobile device repaired, good as new. Like most people, your phone is no longer just a brick you cart around to take the occasional phone call. Nowadays it’s a lifeline to work, family and friends. It stores and keeps safe our most precious memories as well.

Beyond smartphones, we specialize in a wide variety of electronic device repairs, including Computers, Laptops, iPad, MacBook and much more. Feel free to inquire about any mobile device repairs, as we are able to accommodate those as well. Come in to Mobilyf today and drop off your broken device to give a new Lyf

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unhappy with any product or service that is provided for you and your device, we will gladly repair or replace the defective or unsatisfactory part until you are satisfied. Meeting your needs is our primary goal!

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Free Diagnostics

We conduct free check of your device to let you know its actual issues and condition, so that the process stays transparent

Low Price Guarantee

Our prices are very much stable and low compared to the actual market rate. we do it to enable services to many customers

Quick Repair Process

We understand the value of time and hence won't take long time for any repair. Our expertise enables quick delivery

Life time Warranty
Conditions Apply

Our devices once repaired stay without error, because we do our service in a thorough professional way to keep your device good forever

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